Thursday, 28 March 2013

Thursday28 March 2013 March Moorings

We finally arrived at the boat after having been diverted for the last leg of the journey because of road closures.
Once everything was unpacked and we had had a bite of lunch Diana set off in the car for our new moorings on the Little Ouse, I in turn went to find June the owner of Floods Ferry to return our gate pass. I then set off alone towards March. a smallDSCF1187 There was still a bit of snow about on the banks and ice in the reed fringe, to say it was cold would be an understatement.

When I arrived in March there were already several boats moored and to avoid mooring with our stern under the town bridge I decided to stop just short of the bridge by the library.There were still a few duck eggs by the new Middle level Waterman’s Club moorings, but not so many as last time so someone must be picking them up.a smallDSCF1189

Diana had arranged to meet Graham from Matilda Rose at the little Ouse moorings and travel back to March with him, they are moored on the park moorings. This meant that we could have the car parked at the new moorings for when we arrive. 
They arrived back in March about half an hour after I arrived complete with a sack of coal which Graham even delivered for me before we toddled off to Matilda Rose for tea and a warm up, its still only 18° on Harnser.

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