Friday, 19 April 2013

Fri 19 April 2013 Little Ouse Moorings

The wind kept it up until after we had gone to bed. This morning I received a message from the weather, it said that the wind couldn’t come to play all day today so he would send his mate, Rain to help out. Sure enough we woke to the sound of rain.

We were hoping the small cruiser ahead would set off first at half ten as they would be travelling faster than us, but it wasn’t to be and at 11AM we said good by only to find out that we would see them later, as they also moor at Little Ouse Moorings

The first thing to catch our eye after leaving our moor was two people that looked as if they were collecting reed plants in one of the meres. They had some kind of floating container to put them in. I think 1 was male and 1 female but with the waders, dry suits, life jackets etc it was hard to say.a PhotoDSCF1557 The buzzards put on a good display, some doing battle with the crows as the soared high in the sky. We also me a couple of Narrowboats heading upstream, the first enquiring if the Brandon moorings were free, which was probably the case as they were the first boat we had seen going that way.

A pair of swans we met took a short interest in us, I am not sure if we were seen as a threat of a source of food, which ever it was they soon left us to travel on alone.a PhotoDSCF1562 There is still the remains of some ancient stanches along this waterway, this is probably the most intact remains with both walls and the chamber, further upstream there are some more remains but they are only a small amount of brick against the bank.a PhotoDSCF1561

There is an old BCN work boat just waiting for restoration moored a short way down the river, I have been told the owner is going to do it but every time we pass it looks even more rundown.a PhotoDSCF1563 a PhotoDSCF1564





a PhotoDSCF1565Soon after this we arrived back at Little Ouse moorings and pulled up at the diesel pump ready to top up the tank. Rather than disturb the owners during their lunch, we had our own dinner. It was then that the little cruiser we had been sharing moorings with came by.

We put 265 litres of diesel in the tank before returning to our moorings and driving home.

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