Monday, 8 April 2013

Monday 8 April 2013 Little Ouse Moorings

The weather had deteriorated when we got up this morning, it was a little bit bright but windy and cool. We were awake early with the sound of the farm traffic crossing the bridge and travelling up the lanes beside the river.

Before we set off at 11am I put another coat of paint on the bits I have been bodging up all week, at least now its the right colour and not rusty so that must be a plus.a PhotoDSCF1400

 a PhotoDSCF1247  a PhotoDSCF1246






We turned round and headed downstream until we reached the Great Ouse where we turned right. We were now punching straight into the wind and it made it feel much cooler that the actual 6°C it was. We even saw two other boats on the move. We pulled over on the EA moorings by The Ship for a spot of lunch before turning up the Little Ouse to find our new moorings.

We found our spot with no problems at all and after a chat with our new neighbours tied up and went to hand in our paper work to our new Landlords.

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