Tuesday, 2 April 2013

Tuesday 2 April 2013

Last nights meal in the Pike and Eel was one of the best meals I have had out in a long time. Not only was the food first class with lots of freshly prepared fresh vegetables the quantity was very generous as well. We had what they call a “Bar Snack” it is exactly the same as served in the restaurant but eaten in the lounge or conservatory, also you have to collect your utensils and condemners. Very few people use the restaurant unless its something special. we sat in the conservatory watching the sun say good night in an all blue sky. I still can’t get over being the only boat moored here, I even had to take a picture as we left this morning.a PhotoDSCF1270

We woke to brilliant sun and not a breath of wind, but the grass was white and the marina covered in ice. We pushed of at twenty past ten and the wind had picked up quite a bit. Again I was glad that I knew where the river should be.a PhotoDSCF1276

One of our thought for stopping last night was The Old Ferry Inn at Holywell, but it was just as well we stopped at the Pike and Eel as the quay at Holywell now has a big “No Mooring” sign.a PhotoDSCF1279

The reach up from Holywell was a bit slow as the water tends to funnel through there but it soon eased.
I actually saw a double decker bus on the guided way bridge,a PhotoDSCF1282 its the first I have seen. I was very surprised they didn’t paint the steel under the bridge.a PhotoDSCF1283
St Ives lock was set against us so we tied up and I gave Diana a hand to turn it, well I lent on the top balance beam to hold the top gates shut, that’s helping. I have been suffering from rather a bad cold ever since we have been out this trip and by now I was feeling really sorry for my self, so we decided once in St Ives we would moor in The Waits and Diana would go and buy more pills and potions. While she was shopping I had a little sleep which seemed to improve matters and later we went for a look round the Norris Museum which stands right beside the river.

We decided that we would move out of town for the night so we have gone a short way upstream to the GOBA moorings at Noble’s Fields

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