Saturday, 30 April 2016

Rode Heath Saturday 30 April 2016

After the grotty weather yesterday the sunset looked quite good.DSCF4526

When I looked out this morning everywhere was still white and it looked as if it would be a good day. We were away at twenty to ten and looking back I still don’t know why its called Paddy’s Wood.DSCF4527

As we approached the first lock at Wheelock which as expected was against us it started to hail, so much for the nice day. The reason I said expected was that lots of boats overnight at Wheelock and then carry on the next morning so it was inevitable that there would be boats just ahead, then our luck changed with a boat coming down the next lock. They had left Rode Heath early to try and take advantage of the good weather. The day continued like this, some locks against us, some for us, with rain and hail showers.

The bywash by lock 60 is of an interesting design with a very short lower cill and then a couple of inches higher a very long cill.DSCF4533

It was nice to see a farmer who still keeps his calves with theirDSCF4535   mother, so many are removed at a day old for the milk and then the calves raised separately.

Looking through the bridge arch on the right is where Thurlwood Steel Lock use to be situated, its a pity there is not an601242_d8613357 interpretation board here to tell people what use to stand here.

We only went a short way past this before mooring at Rode Heath, we have never stopped here before and want to try the pub.

Today s Journey  map 14 5 miles, 14 locks in 3½ hours

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Geoff Smith said...

Might this be a former paire lock? Might that explain the weird weir?