Friday, 1 April 2016

Tipton Friday 1 April 2016

Last nights moorings were quiet until 4 am this morning then it sounded like a wood chipper running somewhere.

We left at quarter to nine this morning with a run of just over an hour to the Black Country Museum, we were lucky enough to get a mooring right outside the gate so were one of the first to go in.


After spending an enjoyable day wandering round we returned to Harnser and went about a mile to Tipton where we moored up with lots of the other boats doing the BCNS Spring Cruise tomorrow.

Today’s Journey  map 5 3¾miles 1 junction twice in 1½ hours


Mike Todd said...

Not sure if you realised that your blog is on our read list, but our paths have not crossed before, Sadly there was only time to wave as we winded at the museum's boat basin.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to the museum as we did.

Al DeFilippo said...

Thank you for your post. How was the Black Country Museum? I am a resident in America. I would love to one day visit the museum. Happy travels.

Mike Todd said...

Some info on our blog. Definitely worth taking the time to visit if in the area as it really does give a sense of what life was like for working people, usually omitted from histories! Good for all ages.