Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Autherley Tuesday 4 April 2017

I expected to be woken by the sound of the birds singing this morning, instead it was a Gas Gun going off four times in succession about every 15 minutes.

When we were ready to set off about ten I was on the back deck, fitting the tiller etc. when I looked across to the offside bank to see this little fellow watching me. clip_image002 Just under bridge 21 there is a stop lock, I assume it is here because there are 3 aqueducts in the next quarter of a mile, I just hope its never needed in anger as a section of the toe post is missing completely, Well its not missing its still chained to the bank, its just not part of the gate any more.clip_image004

We stopped in Wheaton Aston, not for diesel even though it was under 57p a lt. the next cheapest we have seen was 69p. No we stopped to fill with water and use the very clean toilet facilities. The only other place I can think of that has 4 water taps at one mooring is up the Llangollen. At Wheaton Aston Lock it was good to see that the goose and duck are back together, I had heard that one had gone AWOL but I understand they are great friends and are always together.

Wheaton Aston has it fair share of ex working boats, I just love the exhaust on this one.clip_image006The yard just before Stretton Aqueduct was doing a bit of crane work as we passed, turning in a very tight spot.clip_image008

The other side of the aqueduct some CRT chaps were hard at work re-puddling a spot in the canal bed where a hole had formed, it was good that the sun was shining, just think how totally miserable it would be in the rain and cold.clip_image010

There was only one boat on the visitor mooring in Brewood which is very unusual. As we stocked up with fresh meat at the butchers in Audlem we didn't stop, but the tow looked very pretty in the midday sun.clip_image012

We carried on to Autherley mooring just before bridge No.2 this gives a short walk to Morrison's supermarket to top up with everyday items.

Today's Journey clip_image014 8.8 miles, 1 lock in 3½ hours

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