Saturday, 8 April 2017

Walsall Basin Saturday 8 April 2017

Last night the noise from the road opposite wasn't to bad and I only heard one motorbike roar by overnight.

This morning Brenda brought me my BCNS brass plaque for cruising the Titford Pools. DSCF7484A few boats left around 9am and headed for Walsall basin while the rest or us waited for non boating guests to arrive.

Once Christine, the same guest we had last year arrived we were away.DSCF7492

Just beyond the next bridge there was a fishing match and the tables were turned, normally its a single boat passing loads of fishermen, this time it was loads of boats passing them. even so they were a jovial crowd with only one who looked put out.DSCF7500

We all moored breasted up at Moorcroft Junction. One of he BCNS members was there to assist us as the area is all bricked, They just drive a small flat pin into a brick joint as required, with no passing traffic there is no pull on the boats.DSCF7507

One of the members had an interesting catch around his propeller, luckily it only got caught as he came in to moor.DSCF7508


Here is a map produced by Waterway Routes showing the route of the old paul

Dave Pearson was there to guide the walk up the disused Bradley Arm.DSCF7509 In theory its possible to navigate as far as the first lock, but in practice it is just possible to wind a boat in the entrance with some difficulty. DSCF7510

The line of the old canal is quite clear and it is believed that the whole lot is only filled in with nothing destroyed. There is even some water in the bottom two poundsDSCF7511 We walked right to the top of the old flight and then round to the end at the CRT Bradley workshops. There is quiet a view from the top of the flight.DSCF7517

We returned to the boats and headed to Walsall junction some 2½ hours away, going was quite slow with quite a bit of rubbish in the canal, but as we turned into Walsall basin it was all lovely and clear.DSCF7521 By the time we arrived there were already 10 boats in the basin with all the pontoons occupied so we are laying alongside next to one of the bars.DSCF7522

Today’s Journey map 11

6 miles in 3 hours

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