Friday, 14 April 2017

Barbridge Friday 14 April 2017

We didn’t wake to rain but it started very soon after so we were in no hurry to get out today, in the end we set off at 1030. The first leg of our journey was only about three quarters of an hour to Hack Green Secret Bunker. This is only a few minutes walk from Bridge 85. I must say the place is very well laid out and although the rooms all now have displays in them the doors are still labelled with their original use.

We only took one photo in there and that is really for my sister.IMG_0279

We wandered back to the boat for lunch, the Porkpie was bought from the farm shop at the top of the Audlem Flight.

We set off down the Hack Green locks with a steady flow of traffic in both directions, some more efficient than others. A boater coming up told us Nantwich moorings were full and she wasnt wrong, we did stop to fill with water and then headed on to Barbridge, on the way we passed this boat, I don’t think I have ever seen one so well loaded. DSCF7601

In Barbridge we did manage to find a space on the 48 hr moorings but we had to go to the end of the houses before there was one. We had just moored up and it started to rain again so rain before and after we have been boating, that's OK. Although it didn’t rain on us while we were boating I think anyone in the Chester area may have got a bit damp.DSCF7599

Since we have been here there has been a steady stream of boats passing.

Today’s Journeymap 17 7.5 miles 2 locks in 3.5 hours

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