Monday, 10 April 2017

Shropshire Union Monday 10 April 2017


Last night after I posted the log the weather changed somewhat, this is what it looked like at 7-30 pm. After a glorious weekend this is how it closed.DSCF7538

As it had been so hot we had let the stove out so decided on a Take a way, while Diana when to pick up the Indian I went and got a couple of pints from The Fountain Inn to go with it, I wish beer was this price round our way.

This morning it was even cooler and cloudy, we set off at 10am and it was to be a day of meeting people we know, first I stopped to clear the prop in the Narrows and a boat cam the other way, friends of ours. Then we met a boat in the 21, someone we know from Stone, finally a boat starts to catch us up,  which takes so mowing on a flight, again friends helping another boat down the flight so were mob handed.

Coseley Tunnel is a wide tunnel with a tow bath on each side such was the level of traffic on this canal.

DSCF7547It is all brick lined and as you look at it  in the dim light it all looks very uneven, not a smooth arch like you find in a bridge. This is one of the few places on the BCN where I have had stones thrown at me. The south portal is ideal for kids to hide and throw things down from. There is a nice wall above the portal for them to hide behind and they can escape up to the road if you are daft enough to try and chase them, but its only happened once in all the times I have been through it. DSCF7540

We arrived at the Wolverhampton 21 to find the first 2 locks against us, then we met 4 boats in quick succession followed by nothing. Half way down we pass a boat that had stopped for lunch. After about another 4 locks I was aware of a boat behind us and someone setting ahead

The lock setter soon caught us up, it was a friend of ours and they were helping the boat we passed midway down the rest of the flight, in the end Elaine ended up closing up for me on the towpath side as I left the lock. DSCF7550At lock number 2 we couldn’t get the bottom gate fully open so I had to have a pock round with the pole, while doing this the other boat caught up. Once clear of the flight we turned right at Aldersley Junction on the Staff and Worcs canal and just went as far as Autherley Junction where we turned left down the Shropshire Union Canal passing through the stop lock with its 3” fall.

We stopped at Napton Narrowboats to have the toilet tank emptied, also my wallet as it cost £20 and then stopped again a short time later to fill with water. All of Napton Narrow Boats hire boats are out this week, so I expect things will be getting busy.


We moored for the night at one of the Shropshire Union Canal Society moorings a short way north of the M54 motorway. A longer day than planned but by this afternoon the weather had improved a bit but still cool so, the stove is alight again.


Today’s Journey map 1311 miles 22 locks, 3 junctions.  3 canals in 7 hours.

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