Thursday, 13 April 2017

Coole Pilate Thursday 13 April 2017

A little bit later in getting away as there was quite a bit of movement when we planned to go. You will be pleased to know that the Swan is still giving that poor Mallard duck hell, he even chases her towards his nest as well as away from it, just the one. The Drake sort of follows on behind in the middle of the canal while this is going on.

Work is preceding at the Market Drayton long term moorings with the dredging finished and now pontoons being rebuilt and ground work going on.DSCF7586

I have never seen a notice like this at visitor moorings before, I can only assume that it is to give easy access for the long term pontoons opposite during the day.DSCF7588

Even though we delayed our departure there was still a queue at Adderley Locks with one boat on the lock moorings, one in the lock, two in the next pound, we couldn’t see beyond that. By the time we were entering the top lock there was also another boat behind us. We did however meet a boat  one lock from the bottom.

The Bluebells are peeping out around here as well so Spring must be on the way even if I am wearing a thick jacket over my fleece.DSCF7590

As we didn’t want to continue down the Audlem like this so we pulled over for lunch. However that didn’t work.
After a couple of boats came up I started the engine ready to set off, as I went up on deck the boat ahead started his engine and pushed off, we did the next mile on tickover to let him get ahead, when we could see the Audlem flight he had just gone into the lock, but another boat pulled off the moorings and was ahead of us. At this point we decided to moor up for a couple of hours as there was nothing in sight coming up. Then the lady from the boat in front of us said the single hander was  mooring after the second lock so plans changed again and we followed down. About 6 locks down we met a boat, it didn't help us but it did give the boat ahead a good run which speeded things up for us as well.

I have never really noticed this building beside the flight and wondered what it was used for, its none towpath side so unlikely to be a blacksmith as the horses couldn't get there for shoeing.DSCF7591

I had hoped to moor in the pond below the Shroppie Fly but that was full so we continued on to between bridges 82 and 83, we were going on to the 48hr moorings but we could see a lot of boats there.

As we passed Overwater Marina a lady came out of her boat and called over to us, I could pick out a few words she said but not all I’m afraid, I feel sure she said she follow the Blog and also mentioned Cutweb.

Just past the marina in a muddy patch on the offside we spotted a pair of Oyster Catchers, I haven’t seen these since I left the Fens.DSCF7595

Today's Journey map 167.7 Miles 20 locks in 6 hours.

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