Sunday, 2 July 2017

Dutton T&M Sunday 2 July 2017

last night while I was doing the washing up there was a knock on the glazed side doors, it was a local chap who had brought his daughter fishing who was interested and wanted a chat. His parting words were, I don't know if I would moor there overnight as there is an housing estate just over the back, this was from a chap who lived in the housing estate behind the lake. Anyway we woke up in the morning still alive, the boat hadn't been sunk, painted a different colour and I couldn't find any scorch marks where they tried to torch it. So all was well.

Did I mention it rained again during the night.

This morning we were away at 1000hrs. the water so clear you can see the bottom, fish and any rubbish which included about half a dozen dinner plates and mugs.

I think this may be a young Black Headed Gull but I am not sure on that.DSCF8420

A little further on, thanks to the clear water I spotted some blue poly tape streaking away obviously on the bow of the boat,DSCF8437 straight into neutral and this is what I retrieved. If I hadn't have spotted it then I would have been singing the poly song.DSCF8423

After about 50 minuets we were moored up at the end of the Runcorn Arm where we took a wonder down the old Runcorn Locks. The Restoration Society have done a bit of path laying and also some excavations since we were here last time.

DSCF8427 DSCF8429 DSCF8428

We then walked along the Manchester Ship Canal under the old Jubilee Bridge which looked splendid in the sunshine.DSCF8432

Looking the other way we could see the new Mersey Gateway Bridge, there looks to be only a small gap in the main deck now before they have a crossing.DSCF8430 We then did a little bit of shopping before returning to the boat for lunch.

We had just finished lunch when I heard Diana talking to another local. he had hired a boat and gone up the Llangollen during the Foot and Mouth disease outbreak. He was a handy guy to talk to as he was a local Taxi drive/song writer. He has written a song about the Runcorn Locks and was telling us what the plans are for the Jubilee Bridge once the Mersey Gateway opens. Also how he hopes it brings more boaters to Runcorn.

After saying goodbye to John the singing Taxi driver we head back towards waters Meeting and then to Preston Brook tunnel where there were 4 boats waiting for 1530hrs to go through.DSCF8440 Of course once we were through the tunnel we had to then singly pass through Dutton stop lock with at least a 2" rise in level.

I managed one or two photos in the tunnel one showing the repaired section in the middle. DSCF8447This section is concrete but the rest of the tunnel is all brick.DSCF8442We moored about half a mile from the stop lock where there are some mooring rings buried in the undergrowth. We were planning to go to the site of the old breach but its quite busy and we knew the boats ahead were stopping there.

Dutton has a festival on at the moment and we are just on the edge of hearing the music which is fine. As I write this the BBQ is cooking, the only time I go near food other than to eat it.DSCF8449

Today's Journeymap 14 9½ Miles, 1 lock and 1 tunnel in 4 Hrs


nb Ceilidh said...

Lovely meeting you Brian and Diana! You didn't retrieve all of the blue tape Brian - I got the other half, neatly wound around the prop. Thanks for the mooring suggestion by the rail bridge. Very quiet apart from the odd friendly native. See you around the system. Ken and Annie.

Jannock said...

....... Today we've seen a wheel from a lorry, and a supermarket trolley to go with your miles and miles of poly round the prop ;^)