Friday, 15 September 2017

Blue Lias Friday 15 September 2017

Didn't sleep to well last night so for us we were away in good time. Again we were very lucky with most of the locks meeting boats in the right place. When you draw the paddles on these locks there is quite a bit of water coming out, this was with just one paddle up.DSCF9144

When we are working these wide locks alone we only use the paddle on the side the boat is, it takes a couple of minutes longer but saves crossing back and forth over the lock beams and some of these steel one are quite slippery when wet.
Bascote staircase locks had a good spray of water coming from the intermediate gate. the photo doesn't show it to well but some of it was shooting forward about 6 feet.DSCF9145

We stopped at Bascote Bridge to top the water tank right us as we will be moored at the Blue Lias for the weekend. gain the tape standard was leaking like a sieve and had to be turned off at the stop cock, the last three we have used have been like this now. I don't know why British Waterways chose to change from the old cast iron stands, changing must have cost a fortune and maintenance another fortune. we approached the long term moorings at Itchington it looks as if the bush has subsided onto this boats bows.DSCF9147

When we arrived at the Blue Lias there were already several boats there and we tagged right on the back end with just our foredeck against the bank, the stern is sticking out across a silted bay.

That's it until we leave again on Monday morning.

Today's Journey map 303½ Miles, 8 Locks in 3 hours

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