Thursday, 28 September 2017

Minshull Thursday 28 September 2017

Well it was raining when we moored up and it was raining when we went to bed, we had over 10mm during the evening and night.

As the sun rose this morning it was quite misty outside, but this was all gone and we had a clear blue sky at 10 when we set off. Diana's knee was much easier and provided she doesn't twist it she is getting around quite well. We only had 2 locks today and she was able to steer while I locked us through.

I wondered why there were boats moored at the T junction at Hurleston locks leading up to the Llangollen canal, it turned out that the flight was closed because CRT were surveying the bottom lock. The walls have been slowly creeping in for years and it seems to have accelerated over the past couple of years, so now CRT are trying to find an answer for it. It is not the only lock on the system where the walls are coming in.DSCF9490
CRT, well I assume its them, it could be the water company were also working at the other side of the reservoir where water returns to the canal. Here they have been digging out and installing piling and it looks as if some big pipes are going in.DSCF9493

When I turned into the Middlewich arm at Barbridge Junction there wasn't another boat in sight but we did meet a few as we passed all the long term moorings, at Cholmondeston Lock there were 2 volunteer lock keepers on duty and they had the gate open ready for us, but I had already hopped off at the bridge and walked forward, so we had bit of a natter.

Passing the 2 Day moorings between here and Minshull lock I see some netting has been laid in the grass, again making assumptionsDSCF9498
it to try and stop the area turning into a mud bath. At the far end of the moorings the volunteers have restored the old lengthman's hut, lets hope it doesn't get vandalised again after all the effort that has been put in.DSCF9499

As we approached Minshull Lock a boat was just coming out so another one ready for me, This time I hopped off as the boat entered the lock to close the top gate and lock us down.
Not far to go now as we are moored just before Minshull hill bridge and Diana will be testing the progress of her knee with a walk down to the Badger Inn tonight. Just before the moorings their is a crop of fungi growing on the towpath, I don't think I will pick them for breakfast.DSCF9500

I must add a thank you to all the people that have wished Diana well, both in person (blog readers afloat) and electronically.

Today's Journey map 416½ Miles an 2 locks in 2½ hours.

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Sheila said...

I hope you bounce back quickly from your knee injury. Take it easy. Sheila (nb Olivia)