Saturday, 23 September 2017

Wolverhampton Saturday 23 September 2017

A little bit of rain early this morning but it was fine when we were ready to leave. we waved goodbye to Pat and Sheila and slid out ofDSCF9378 our moorings, did a 180° in the basin, out under the very low bridge and a 90° left hander into the canal. Looking more closely to day I could see at least 6 ramps where boats were pulled out and launched sideways.DSCF9389

Before you arrive at Gosty Tunnel you pass the site of the old Stewarts and Lloyds tube works. DSCF9392

I wonder what tales these old buildings could tell if they could talk and how many boats a day delivered coal and raw materials before they took away the finished product.DSCF9397

Just at the north end of Gosty Tunnel is a layby, I understand this was for the tunnel tug to pull in so that the boat it towed through the tunnel could continue on their way towed by horses.DSCF9405

Some one has made a few tiny metal baby Moorhens I saw a couple bolted under bridges.DSCF9408

At the top end of the arm at Windmill End there is a toll island, this is where the boats were "gauged" by measuring their free board to work out what weight they were carrying. they would then be charged so much per ton. DSCF9410
At the junction it was hard right and back into Netherton tunnel. There was a group of walkers coming towards us and the tow path was so flooded that at times they worked their way along the railings. DSCF9411

We carried on until we reached the New Main Line where we turned right, after about a mile we came to the first lock we had seen in three days, actually it was a flight of 3 locks, known as factory Locks that took us up to the Wolverhampton level where the Old Main Line comes in from Tipton.

The Wolverhampton level was quite weedy which kept picking up on the propeller but a quick burst of reverse soon blew it off. I didDSCF9417 manage to see a few fish in the very clear water. This time we didn't get any stones thrown at us as we went through Coseley Tunnel, its ideal for the little darlings as they can hide behind thatDSCF9414 painted wall about half way up so you don't know they are there. We continued on to Broad Street Basin at Wolverhampton only meeting one boat on the way if you don't count the tunnel trip boat with the blinding headlight. I didn't know they went through the No.2 Tunnel. When we reached Broad Street we went into the basin to top up with water and then reversed out onto the visitor moorings for the night. They don't allow overnight mooring in the basin only service visits.

Today's Journey 12 miles, 2 locks in 5¼ hours.

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