Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Warwick Wednesday 13 September 2017

We didn't feel anything of last nights storm, did hear a few noises but couldn't decide if it was high wind or a freight train. We had a few boats pass early going the other way, but no one heading down the locks.

I have never noticed this sign post before, it doesn't look new so I am guessing its been here for quite some time, I must have been looking elsewhere.DSCF9130
We were away at 0920 hrs and as we approached Hatton top lock a boat was just leaving going down. It was a Kate hire boat and the lady came back up and said they would wait in the next lock for us. No one had gone down ahead of us so all locks were fullish and the couple of lock full's we had sent down topped the gates and filled the ones that had leaked off.
We worked well, Diana walking down and setting ahead, Myself and the chap on the hire boat draining the locks and opening the bottom gates while his wife closed everything up behind us. We left each lock side by side and straight into the next.
We got all the way down to Middle Lock Bridge before we met any traffic, then the next three lock each had two boats in them coming up. we had to wait for a couple of them to lock up before we could continue, other than that there were no hold ups at all. They were a real joy to boat with.

Once clear of the flight they pulled over and we continued on, that had allowed all day to do Hatton and we had knocked it off in under 3 hours. The sun had shone on us all the way but as we rounded Budbrooke Junction there were about 6 spots of rain, it was wetter in the tunnels. We moored just before Cape Locks and while we were here the Kate boat came by so we gave them a hand down Cape locks. It was only then the rain started and after saying goodbye we had to dash back to Harnser. Since then we have had several very short but heavy showers with sunshine between them.

Today's Journey map 283¼ miles, 21 locks in 3¼ Hours.

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