Saturday, 18 July 2020

Branston Water Park

Yesterday evening the canal at Fradley was busy until well after 8pm and the towpath even later. The boat behind us started his engine about 7-30 but he  push off until 8AM.

When we left at 10 there had been several boats come past but only a few had left. As we approached the swing bridge I spotted this littleDSCF3784 beauty in the garden. CRT were going to fit a locking mechanism to this bridge a few years ago, its good to see they didn’t waste our money on it.
There was a CRT Volockie on Junction Lock and he looked our way to see which way we were going. The moorings below Junction lock were also still full and with a boat ahead on the lock moorings I had to hold well back for an upcoming boat. By the time we had got to Hunts Lock the Volockie had arrived there and was helping boats through.

Work in ongoing slowly at the new marina down at DSCF3787Common Lock, lots of the pontoons are in but less water when we came through 2 years ago, they are still excavating the northern basin and  I don’t knowDSCF3788 when they plan to open it, but they have a web site Fradley Marina.

I just love this wall painting in Alrewas, DSCF3795again it was wall to wall moored boats, even across the winding hole. We stopped to top the water tanks up and while we were doing so at least 4 boats came past because when  the tank was full we were the fourth in the queue for the lock down to the river and there were boats arriving behind us as well. The river was well in the green  but its still surprising how much flow there is on that top end before the weir. By the time we had got to Wychnor Lock we had caught up with the boat ahead and that would happen at every lock for the rest of the day. Once we reached Barton marina it started to ran, not to heavy but a nuisance. At Tatenhill lock there is an ex working boat, its looking a lot smarter than the last time we saw it .DSCF3801 Today’s Journey 8.6 miles 9 locks in 5.33 hours map 13

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