Friday, 17 July 2020

Fradley Junction

Well its getting a lot like summer out here and if you are not moored by 3pm in popular spots like Hopwas and Fradley you aren’t going to get in. We arrived at Fradley and dropped into a space about 80 foot long, unfortunately the 70 foot boat we were following went to the junction to wind, when he came back we were sitting at one end of it. The boat ahead of us offered to draw forward and we did the same thing leaving a 72 foot gap. Moorings full and its just before 2 pm. Boats have been passing in both directions ever since. Well that the end done, now the beginning.

We left at or normal time or around about 10 am ish. by then all the 48 hour moorings were empty, last night they were full and half the boats had gone from the free moorings ahead of us.

We had a pleasant run catching up with an ex working boat, or a replica after about an hour, he was traveling slower than we would have liked but was faster past moored boats than me. I also stopped at Whittington to drop some bits off on a friends boat so we didn’t catch him up again but we did see him pass our mooring spot, I expected him to pull in but he didn’t.

Today has been much warmer with the sun really hot, last night I put the wooden louver in the engine room side hatch and we were still hot.

Todays Journey 9 miles in 3.5 12

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