Wednesday, 8 July 2020

Springwood Haven

I think it must have rained most of the night and when we set off just after 9am it was very fine drizzle, this stayed with us half way up the flight before clearing out for a while.
As we went up in lock 11 we could see a boat coming down in lock 10, a hire boat was going up someway ahead of us.  The good luck didn’t last as the boat coming down had only been moored above lock 10, so after that we were following. Between locks 10 and 11 there is a very tall rose growing on the offside, it must be 12 to 15 feet tall. DSCF3712As we went up in the lock a moth joined me and settler down in the engine room, I have no idea where he is now.DSCF3713

The pound between 9 and 8 was well down and Diana dropped the water from before I could leave lock 9, I understand someone had already run water down so the next pound was also off the mark a bit. We caught up with the hire boat, all doors open moored on lock 5 moorings, we thought they had all gone to set lock 5 but there was no sign of life, a Kate boat Mary Celeste. At lock 4 we came across the first Volockie of the trip helping a boat down and another at 3 had the gates ready for us and suggested Diana went and opened Lock to, there was a third Volockie at the top lock so that was the last one also ready for us.

A little way beyond the top lock we passed this garden on the offside, funny how some people turn their backs on the canal and others make it a feature.DSCF3715

Since we were last this way Rothen Group have completed their off side quay heading and very smart it looks to.DSCF3721
Just through the bridge they are turning a large bay into a Marina, This bay has been here for many years but not connected to the canal, at one time there was even a narrowboat moored in it, but now it has an entrance, pontoons and water and electric points. I wonder if Rothen will operate it?DSCF3723

We carried on now back in the rain to just beyond Springwood Haven Marina where we moored for the night.

Todays Journey 6miles 11 locks in 4 hoursMap 3

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Ann Street said...

We have seen several rose bushes like the one in your photo up here on the Bridgewater. Never noticed them before but they are lovely.