Thursday, 9 July 2020


The trains were surprisingly quiet last night considering how close the line was. It was almost 11am when we set off and the weather was almost fine, not almost, the fine drizzle just got heavier and heavier as the day progressed.

We passed one boat who is trying for a Darwin Award, you can just see the generator inside the back doors, well its running so who knows where the CO is going.DSCF3724

We met several boats as we made out way to Marston Junction,  one of them just before the  Anchor pub,  I could see something in the water on the towpath side so held back to allow the oncoming boat space to go round it. Unfortunately he didn’t see the obstruction which turned out to be a sunken, burnout cruiser which cannoned his bows out across the cut.DSCF3725

When we reached Marston Junction we turned sharp left into the Ashby Canal, nicely round in one and luckily no one about to come out.
The going on the Ashby was quite good and again we met several boat. The weather was so miserable we decided to stop for lunch, we normally eat on the move.  Again while we were moored several boat passed in both direction, we didn’t feel them as we were half a meter from the bank and hard aground.

After lunch we did another hour and a half mooring in Hinckley a short way before Trinity Marina.

Todays journey 10.6 miles in 3.85 hrs with no locks

map 4

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