Monday, 20 July 2020


It turned quite cool yesterday night and I had to get up and remove the louver in the engine room and close the hatch.
We pushed off at our normal 10am for an uneventful trip to Fazeley.

Just beyond the A38 bridge there is a sunken boat, its been slowly getting lower in the water since it first arrived here. It looks like an ex BWB work boat.DSCF3829

I considered stopping at Streethay for a pump out but as there were two boats waiting and I would have had to turn round we carried on. I made the first weed hatch visit of the trip just before Streethay, a pair of Calvin Klein’s, my word they use good elastic.

Interestingly several cow have taken to walking in the canal to drink, they must know where the edge of the canal is as they were only walking in the shallow edge and you cant see the depth.DSCF3833 When we arrived in Fazeley we turned right up the Birmingham and Fazeley canal to visit Fazeley Mill Marina for a pump out and top up with diesel, when we arrived there were two boats waiting outside and one already on the services. By the time it was our turn there were two more boats waiting, it seems most places are still closing at weekends. Once we had emptied the loo tank and filled the diesel tank we headed back to Fazeley Junction to fill with water and moor for the night. Although our journey time was 6.75 hours, probably two hours were spent waiting about.

Today’s Journey 14 miles in 6.75 hours with no locks.

map 15

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