Friday, 3 September 2010

Friday 3 September 2010 Tixall Wide

We set off this morning about quarter to ten,it was quite a bit cooler than of late, there was not much about until we reached Galley where a boat had just gone down the locks and another was about to come up. I slipped up slightly by stopping in the section just above the lock which made it a bit difficult for the boat coming out as I was slightly wider than the layby.
Just as I was leaving the lock a hire boat started his engine and was putting the boat in gear, luckily for me his crew was still holding his front rope so he couldn't push out. In the mean time the boat waiting to come up were all with their boat, no one came up to the lock at all to lend a hand with the gates or show their faces. Diana walked on to the next lock and the hire boat followed me. From here we met boats in most pound that eased us on our way and we didn't see the hire boat again until after we were moored up.
As we were exiting Park Gate lock the boat that had been moored on the lock moorings pulled away and we ended up following him for a couple of locks until he built up bit of a lead due to boat timings and the locks being in his favour. We passed him moored up, drinking wine just across from the railway line, I think I would have found somewhere quieter to stop.
At Deptmore Lock we suddenly started meeting boats again and we must have met 10 between here and Tixall Wide. We tried to moor to the first section of piling after Tixall Lock but could not get within 5' of the bank due to the mud so continued on to just before the wide section an came in behind the other moored boat at 6 pm in bright sunshine without a breath of wind.

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