Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Wednesday 15 Sept Cape Locks Warwick

We set off at quarter to ten to a fine but blustery and cool morning. The first stop was for water and then Bascote Staircase locks, we expected these to be ready for us as we had just met two boats midway between the locks and the water point, but it was not to be. When we arrived we could see several paddles up, we then spotted the BW man who was letting water down to fill the next two pounds, but he didn't keep us waiting long and once cleat of the three locks we met a boat coming the other way and it continued like this for most of the day. We caught up with a boat who was about to enter the bottom of the Fosse 3. They had just had a domestic and weren't to talkative but they only did the one lock with us and then pulled over, so we continued on alone.
We stopped to eat lunch (unusual for us) in Leamington Spa before continuing on to Tesco to buy more dog food and some other odds and ends.
Once stores were replenished it was off up the Cape locks, we had to turn the first but as we left to head up to the second a boat came down and carefully closed the gates behind them, at first we thought it was a hire boat, but no it was privately owned, they were quite happy to go into the lock we had left open for them and the locks are probably less than 150 yard apart. As we passed the Cape moorings I noted that there were quite a few spaces so we continued to the Saltisford Arm and winded at Budbrooke Junction returning to the Cape moorings to tie up for the night at 5 30 pm. The day had been mostly dry with a bit of drizzle mid afternoon.
As we wee sitting eating dinner there was a tap on the front doors, I looked round to see Mrs. Duck on the front deck tapping on the door, when she got no response she wandered off down the gunwale and tried the clear side hatch for attention.

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