Sunday, 5 September 2010

Sunday 5 Sept 2010 Fazeley Junction

A slow start this morning as Diana walked into Fradley to post a letter and I tackled a few more rust patches on the roof, only 5 this time. I am scraping off the blistered/cracked paint and then sanding away the rust, I am then treating it with Kurust and when its dry covering it with an primer/undercoat. There are about 30 white patches on the roof now.

We finally left at 10-30 to a slightly dull but warm morning, unfortunately it soon changed to rain,quite steady at times. We decided to stop at The Tame Otter at Hopwas for Sunday lunch. We were taken aback by the number of moored boats that we passed before we reached the village, we expected the centre of the village packed but not this length. We moored two bridges south of the pub and walked back, by now the rain had cleared up. The pub car park was packed and although there were several vacant tables in the pub, we were told that there was a 45 minute wait for food and the only roast available was beef and turkey with the lamb being sold out and another joint in the oven. In the end our wait was much less than half an hour. The Tame Otter is in the same group as The Fox and Anchor that we visited a few days ago, the Vintage Inn Group.

After lunch we continued on our journey to Fradley meeting friends from out local IWA branch on there new boat just outside the town, so that necessitated a short stop for a nose round. At Fradley Junction we turned right up the Birmingham and Fazeley canal to visit Fazeley Mill Marina to fill up with diesel, taking on 100 lts. at 64 p/lt. We then returned back to the junction to moor for the night at 6 pm.

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