Wednesday, 8 September 2010

Wednesday Sept 8 2010 Sutton Stop

Last night we ate at Weatherspoons and what can I say, 2 steakDSCF4783 meals, 2 deserts, a bottle of red wine and change out of a twenty pound note. The moor in the basin was very good with no disturbance over night.
This morning we were off to the Transport Museum, followed by the Cathedral and then up the old Cathedral tower, this was followed by a wander round the Guild Hall. Two were free and two cost us to get in. It was the two Cathedral visits that we had to pay for.

We left the basin just after 4 pm. By then several boats had gone and others arrived so we left the only vacancy for any late comers. There were a surprising number of fishermen along the arm as we returned in bright sunshine. The old power station is now flats and units but a lot of the old industry along the line is now just heaps of brick rubble and open land. We passed through Sutton Stop and moored for the night at the end of all the moorings almost on the bend, by now it was 6 30 pm and still sunny.

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