Monday, 6 September 2010

Monday 6 Sept 2010 Hartshill

We pushed off at quarter to ten and made our way to the Glascote Locks, there was a boat going up ahead of us and several coming down, the first was powered by a single Bolinder engine. The down coming boats gave us an easy run. From here we continued to the Atherstone Flight.There was a boat going up the first lock but he indicated there was a boat coming down. We turned the next lock but after that we met boats all the way to the top. Once clear of the flight it was not long before it started to rain so we planned to stop by the Hartshill services but as we approached bridge 33 we could see it looked pretty full so we pulled over and moored just prior to the bridge.
In the course of the day we have met several ex working boats and a fully loaded pair that are returning from the Shackerstone working boat festival down the Ashby canal.

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Will on board said...

How did we ever miss each other?

I moored up at Hartshill (between bridges 32-33) around 2pm having been in the middle of that stream of working boats returning from the Ashby.