Saturday, 29 November 2014

Saturday 29 November 2014 King’s Bromley

Last night we had a pleasant meal in The Olde Peculiar, I have not had fagots for a long time.

Once back on the boat I stripped down the water pump that was leaking and applied some sealant to the diaphragm as it seems a better pump than the one I fitted yesterday.

The mooring is the best we have had for a few days and nice and quiet.

This morning I changed the pumps over again and it looks as if the leak is cured. I also changed some of the rigid pipe for flexible to cut down on vibration. This made it a bit when we got away this morning. Again there was grass on the deck, just like last time we moored here.

It was only 2 miles back to the moorings, not enough to charge the batteries so when we got back I hooked the mains charger up for a few hours.
We headed down to the local garden centre in the car for lunch, good home made cooking and then back to the boat to do a bit more work, changing a couple of isolation valve on the pump, topping up the domestic batteries and finally draining the water system down as we could well see some frost between now and our next visit. Once the batteries were recharged we unhooked the power supply and headed 29 Today’s Journey 2 miles in hour and a quarter.

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