Saturday, 24 March 2018

Anderton Saturday 24 March 2018

We spent most of the day at the Bridgewater Boat Club ,we had to go by car and not boat, because as we were on the Bridgewater canal by boat a couple of weeks ago and if you return within a month you are libel to a charge of £40 per week. The reason for our visit was to represent the Cutweb Internet Boat Club who are affiliated to the AWCC at the AWCC AGM.

It was mid afternoon before we got back to Harnser and set off at half three heading to Anderton for the night, while we were taking on water at the Anderton Services Richard came along on nb. Kinver, he had just been to collect it from Middlewich where it had been trapped on the Middlewich Branch for the past week due to the breach and the canal being drained. DSCF0478

We saw our first Swans nest at Anderton on the end of the land spit at Anderton Marina.DSCF0480

Richard moored Kinver in the marina and then walked round for a quick hello before they headed off home, a 2½ hour drive, so he spent longer driving than he did boating today.

Today's JourneyIMG_0243 5 miles with no locks in 2 hours

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