Sunday, 25 March 2018

Barnton Cut Sunday 25 March 2018

Well we may have put all the battery clocks on an hour last night and the computer does its self but we didn't alter our body clock so it was a late start. The hire boat at Anderton Marina was off out at 10 am and there were several hire boats going by very slowly from the Bridgewater.

We pushed off at 11 am only as far as Anderton Lift where I booked us on to the next available drop the river Weaver, The chap who was operating the lift tried to get us on the one due to go down as it was sitting full of water ready to go, but no we were booked on the afternoon one and not before.

I used the time while we waited to rewire the energiesation system for the 24 volt alternator. The original 24 volt alternator self energised which was ideal but the new lighter one requires voltage applying to the field windings, this is done using a relay on the 12 volt system.

I just got finished in time for us to be ready at ten past one for the twenty to two drop, but we had time for lunch while we waited at the lift.

The children look to be making good use of the new playground on a sunny Sunday keeping them well amused and burning off excess energy. DSCF0481

It is unusual for us to be on the lift in the sun shine, its normally raining or blowing a gale, today was very pleasant.DSCF0483

Once on the river we turned down stream and only went as far as Barnton Cut visitor moorings where a trip down the weedhatch was required to remove a lump of polythene from around the propeller. I still needed to run the engine for a bit to charge the batteries back up as it had only been a short cruising day and the engine is shutdown while we were on the lift.

Today's Journeymap 04 2½ miles 1½ hours

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