Saturday, 31 March 2018

Winsford Saturday 30 March 2018

I didn't notice any trains during the night which was good but I did hear the rain a few times. The forecast for today was rain all day but its now half one and so far we haven't seen any rain at all, mind you its been very chilly outside.

A little after 10 I started the engine and rang Hunts lock to tell them we were ready for off. There are several new lock keepers this season who are still being trained up by the older hands, Its handy that both the older keepers at Hunts are called Bob, so easy to remember. They soon had us up and on our way. Being the weekend the Northwich rowing club had several boats on the water, Their club is situated just down the weir stream.DSCF0643

We were to pass one boat that didn't do to well, he was walking home while others transported his boat for him after recovering the upturned craft from the river.DSCF0645

As the weather was a bit better than last time we came this way I got a couple of better photos of the new Mobile Homes.DSCF0647

I am not sure I would want this digger working right behind my house perched on the hillside like that, the ground doesn't look that stable to me.DSCF0650

If you want more details on the properties then visit

After our last trip up here I took the Anemometer off while we were in Vale Royal Lock, however we went straight under Newbridge with a good 4 inches to spare, so the river has dropped quite a bit in the week.

A little further upstream someone has created a rather up market accommodation for wild life, I am not sure what they hope to attract, the entrance faces the river but is a good 6 ft above water level so I don't see it attracting Otters, I am sure someone will know?DSCF0652

We pushed on to the head of navigation, and winded at the entrance to the bottom Flash, There were two Narrowboats mooredDSCF0653 up against the town moorings today, we however dropped back down below the two bridges and moored at The Red Lion for the night.

Today's Journey map 105½ miles, 2 locks in 2 hours.

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