Sunday, 4 March 2018

Dutton Sunday 4 March 2018

Last night we wandered up to the Stanley Arms to eat and were very lucky to get the last available table. What a difference to last time when the chef had gone home and we had to order a take a way. The place is really buzzing again so worth a visit.

This morning we woke to the rain but it didn't last long, off to the Anderton Lift for cooked breakfast again and again got talking to Ted, we later found out that he and his late wife were instrumental in saving the lift and taking the petition to 10 Downing Street followed by fund raising. We looked for the notice that listed the people and organisations that supported the restoration financially but couldn't find it anywhere. We were lucky as Ted told us that Dave who was wandering around outside with a lifejacket on was the chap that took people to the top of the lift and he was doing trips up there today. It turned out Dave was very flexible on his timing. The first trip was 10 30 and it was already quarter to eleven, so we booked on the 12 30 and went at quarter past eleven.

It was a tad chilly up there with the double helical gears commonly known as Citroën  Gears, as André-Gustave Citroën held the Patent on them. I won't go into the workings and history of the lift because you can look that up if you are interested, I will just post a few photographs of the visit. Please click them to enlarge them.


Aqueduct full of


Looking down on the casons

DSCF0355 looking back to the aqueduct

 DSCF0356View from the old control cabin

DSCF0359gate lifting winches

DSCF0360redundant lifting gears

 DSCF0363 Caissons lifting motor

 DSCF0362Bevel Gears

 DSCF0367The lift

DSCF0365At quarter past two we decided to set sail, the sun was trying to come out and the temperature up to 6°C The ice was well broken with lots of open water, what was there was still about 15 to 20mm thick, so if it hadn't been broken I wouldn't have set off. We arrived at Saltersford Tunnel spot on 3pm and west bound traffic has to enter the tunnel between the hour and quarter past, so it was straight through, well not straight because it a wiggly tunnel. We carried on west to the site of the Dutton breach that occurred in 2012. there are several videos of this on the internet.

We had just moored up and it started raining heavily for about 10 minutes, if it stays like this the ice should be well rotten by tomorrow.

Today's Journeymap 13 4¾ Miles in 1¾ hours

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