Thursday, 1 March 2018

Whatcroft Flash T&M Thursday 1 March 2018

Well we are here for another day. yesterday the temperature rose to zero but overnight if was -5°C. Its been a bit breezy for the past couple of days but last night it was gusting up to 40MPH this has resulted in the water being whipped up in the two thin spots and spread over the ice causing it to rot as the water from below would be warmer. DSCF0318Although the flash has little ice now the canal each end is still iced over with a very thin white covering, DSCF0320we haven't had hardly any snow, DSCF0325but it would be nice if this wind drops a bit, as today its even picked up more. Unlike yesterday which was mainly sunny today has been overcast and the temperature never reached zero.

We have not done much today, I de-coked the stove burner which was rather cruddy and also took the hot wash basin tap to pieces again. For some reason it gets next to impossible to open. In the end I have to turn the water off and take the tap to pieces, when I do I never find anything wrong, I put it back together and it now works fine again. I must have done this 4 times now. I wonder what tomorrow has in store, with a bit of sun we could have go for a walk, I don't think we will be moving the boat.

Just before I go it’s the 1st of the month, check your smoke and CO alarms folks, you know it
makes sense.

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