Friday, 30 March 2018

Northwich Friday 30 March 2018

First things first, yesterday I took loads of photos of the Daniel Adamson and also all the boats crossing the MSC to get to Ellesmere Port I have uploaded them all to two Drop Box files

Yesterday evening we ate at The Leigh Arms and I think it was even better value than last time we went, no wonder its so popular.

This morning we moved before breakfast, only a 100 yards to the water point and filled the tank while we filled our tums. All done by 10am and on our way, the forecast was for rain mid day, but they were wrong. As I left the moorings I gave the lock keeper at Saltersford Lock a ring to tell him we were on our way, they like you to ring then they can have the lock ready or maybe hold filling it until you arrive if another boat is just ahead. All their numbers are listed in the leaflet they give to you when you book the lift.

As we approached the lock the trees down the weir stream were full of Cormorants, looking like fruit on the tree.DSCF0626

Once clear of the lock, O and the lock keeper asked if we enjoyed our meal in the Leigh Arms, they seem to know everything on this river, we headed up stream passed the old Soda Works, the only bit of the building standing now is the remains of the front columnsDSCF0627all the rest is gone and they are cleaning the site.

Passing the lift two boats were about to go up and it looked as if the trip boat would be coming down, but we carried on up to Northwich. I wonder how many commercial boats they get that they have to reserve this bank for them? I think you were able to moor there before they put the new flood defences wall in.DSCF0630 DSCF0630

We stopped in town for a short time to visit Waitrose, we are getting posh aren't we?

I took a few more photographs of the old side slip at Northwich Drydock, it will be interesting to see if its restored back into use or if Health and Safety requirements will thought them.

DSCF0634  DSCF0636  DSCF0631   DSCF0633

Clicking the photos will enlarge them, just like all the photos on my blog.

I have never seen Yarwoods basin so empty before, I guess they have all gone to Ellesmere Port.DSCF0637

We decided to moor for the night just below Hunts lock, just after the railway viaduct. We then took a short wander round the weir stream, there was quite a bit of water coming out of the sluice gate but only a small flow over the weir.DSCF0638 The entrance to the dry Dock is via the weir stream but it doesn't look as if the footbridge crossing the stream opens very often. Also down the path beside the stream is the old entrance to the sewage pumping house, well worth a visit (from the other side) when they are running the old engines.DSCF0641 There is a video of the engines running in one of my old Blogs as well as the now demolished Soda Works.

Today's Journeymap 09 6 miles, 1 lock in 2½ hours

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