Sunday, 22 April 2018

Boothstown Sunday 22 April 2018

Firstly thanks to Martin for pointing out I don't really know where I am, last night we were in Castlefield Basin, Manchester, we may be in the other one in 3 weeks time. While we were in the basin I took this shot of the lights last night.DSCF0789

The weather forecast for today was not the best in the world. Rain from the early hours it said. In reality it started about 9-30 and finished a little after 11 after which the sun came out. We spent the morning at the museum seeing bits we missed last time, The have Tim Peak's space capsule and suit in there at the moment.

We pushed off at 2 pm with some very dark clouds in the sky but the rain held off until we were past the Trafford centre. As you have probably realised we retraced our steps back as far as Stretford Waters meeting, where we turned hard right by the Kellogg's works onto the Leigh Branch.

We saw a lad magnet fishing and a little further along there was a load of scrap by the bridge including one of the hire bikes from Manchester.

The house beside the Barton Swing Aqueduct is now in a very poor state, It seems strange that someone can turn their back on the potential capital and let this happen to a property.DSCF0794

We noticed half a dozen kids on the footbridge over the entrance to the aqueduct and as expected a few small stone came our way, more tossed than thrown with malice but with the stones were sweets.

Crossing the aqueduct we could see in the distance the lifting bridge, I assume this is the one that fell down during testing?DSCF0796

We carried on to Worsley where we stopped to fill the water tank, by now the canal was a nice dark shade of brown DSCF0797and this swan had made good use of the dam across the arm leading to the old Duke's mines to build her nest.DSCF0798

We decided to go a bit further and it wasn't long before we passed the cut out steel silhouettes of Brindley, Egerton and Gilbert set by the tow path edge. DSCF0801

We continued on just past The Moorings pub at Boothshall bridge to moor for the night. Needless to say, by now the sun was shining again and it was a clear blue sky.

Today's Journeymap 08 9½ miles in 3 hours

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