Tuesday, 3 April 2018

Broken Cross Tuesday 3 April 2018

Yesterday evening I stood out on the front deck and could hear the water roaring through the sluice gates down on the Weaver at DSCF0684Dutton Lock. We had a total of 16mm of rain yesterday so I wasn't surprised to find the River Weaver closed today due to high water levels. It was a good decision coming up the lift yesterday afternoon. We were a bit late setting off this morning as I wanted to check the bank accounts after the long weekend, Lloyds and Halifax use to offer a Text service where they told you the balance once a week but they seemed to have dropped that now.

We carried on north for half an hour to the winding hole just before Dutton Lock where we turned and headed back to Anderton.

We arrived at Saltersford Tunnel at about 25 to 12 and as the entry DSCF0685time is from half past until ten to we sailed straight in, when I say straight the tunnel is far from straight and twists and turns all over the place.DSCF0687

Following Saltersford Tunnel is Barnton Tunnel, this one is not timed, you just have to be sure its clear, the entrance is on a bend so it helps to have someone on the bow to look into the tunnel, again its a bit wiggly so you don't see cleanly through, today Diana gave the all clear and I started to enter when the horn of a boat who had just entered the other end blew. Due to the kinks he was invisible to us but he was able to see me, so I pulled out and waited for him and a second boat to clear the tunnel before proceeding with a good blast on my horn.

We stopped at Anderton Services to top up with water and dump rubbish before continuing on in the sunshine. We planned to stop on the new mooring rings at Wincham Bend but there were already two boats there so we pushed on through the salt works and moored just before bridge 185. This will leave us with about mile and a half to do in the morning to take us back to our marina.

Today's Journey map 1311 miles in 4½ hours.

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