Sunday, 15 April 2018

Marston Sunday 15 April 2018

A rather dismal drive to the boat, but dry. The traffic was thankfully very light both on at A14 and the M6, we didn't even bother to take the toll road. The southbound traffic was not so lucky with an accident at junction 15.

Due to the road works between Middlewich and the marina we turn of at junction 17, its a couple of miles longer but the up side is we save sitting in the roadwork's between 17 and 18 who today were at a standstill for some reason.

We finished unloading the car and it started to rain, not much just a few spits. With fingers crossed I turned the engine start key to be met with a very slow grunt, no where near enough to start, it didn't surprise me as I had the impression the battery had seen better days last trip. What did surprise me was after I released the key the engine continued to slowly crank and I had to use the main isolator to stop it. I eventually got her away with the aid of the jump leads. I do wonder if the starter solenoid is also a bit tired so not snapping in if the battery is a bit down.

The end result was we set off at quarter to five in the pouring rain, out of the marina and turned left towards Liverpool.

As we made our way along the T&M the weather started to improve, we hoped to have moored just past bridge 185 where we moored on the last night of out last trip but there was already a boat on ther so we pushed hoping to moor at Wincham Bend but the same two boats were still there that were moored there last time we passed, soon to the Salt Museum, all the mooring by the museum were full but there was a space on the rings through the bridge that was big enough for us to get in, its a bit curved against a concrete edge, but due to the silt we don't need fenders as there is no chance we will get close enough to touch the concrete. Needless to say as soon as we moored up the sun actually came out and a very short time later it also stopped raining. The sky was to light to photograph the rainbow, but never mind, I am sure we will see another before long.

Today's Journey image3¼ miles in 1¼ hours.

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