Wednesday, 18 April 2018

Lymm Wednesday 18 April 2018

Last night was eat out night, well you have to in Lymm there are so many places to chose from, this time it was Elmas the Mediterranean restaurant where yet again I had too much to eat and I only had 2 courses. As we walked back to the boat the sky was a bright pink.

Overnight we had rain but it had cleared up by this morning, bit of a lazy start as it was only 5 miles back to Thorn Marine where we were having a Boat Safety inspection this afternoon and to pick up a new starter battery. DSCF0741

There is an unofficial winding hole a short way passed the yard but I doubt its 70 foot long and covered with notices saying its private and please turn with care.DSCF0373small

We arrived about lunch time and I collected the battery from the shop, wile we were there Sonny, the Bridgewater Enforcement Officer came by and introduced himself, I have heard many tales about him, but found him most polite and friendly. The plan was to fit the battery straight way, but then Steve turned up and persuaded me it would be better to go for lunch at London Bridge eating it outside overlooking the canal than working away under a shady old road bridge, he seemed very persuasive somehow. When we got to the pub and they only had 6 beers on tap so we thought it best to just do halves. Once all systems were replenished we wished him goodbye and I set to swapping the battery out. I had only just finished when our BSS inspector turned up. he only failed us on one small item, the gauze had fallen out of the diesel tank breather but its such a common thing he carries a supply of new ones with him, so that was soon sorted and we were on our way again, poorer but legal for the next 4 years with an engine that will now start without jump leads.

As the day progressed the weather got even better. Not everyone is keen on having people on their property, this is the grounds of Massey Hall, not only are they canal DSCF0737side but every 50 yards all round the boundary. If the dogs are not bad enough they even have what I guess is plastic, gorilla beside the pond just to make sure and a statue of a lion in the middle of the lawn.DSCF0739

Its also been bit of a bird day with a buzzard sitting on top of a post just keeping an eye on things.DSCF0742

Our first swallows of the season, not just one but several, then even more ducklings, DSCF0747

11 in this brood and finally what was possibly a Dunlin weaving along ahead of us.

The other thing which I have always admired is this seat, I think it is carved from one lump of wood, a length of tree trunk and depicts the prow of a Viking Long Boat.DSCF0749

We arrived back in Lymm some 7½ later moored opposite to where we were last night. Again we have seen several hire boat from Middlewich so they must be coming this way rather than the Cheshire Locks.

Today's Journey map 0410 miles in 3¾ hours.

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