Friday, 27 April 2018

Halsall Friday 27 April 2018

Well as we were moored outside the door of The Slipway pub last night we went in for a meal. DSCF0880As its owned by the Holt Pub Co I did try for a discount but it fell on deaf ears. I had a pie with mash and veg and I must say it was an impressive individual pie, full of meat and thin crisp pastry all over not just a piece of puff floating on top, really enjoyed it.
It turned out to be a very quiet mooring ever though we were nosed up to the swing bridge, there wasn't much road traffic and it doesn't go bump every time a car crosses like some. We woke this morning to gentle rain but at least the wind had dropped. we were in no hurry to leave as we only planed to do a couple of hours. The rain eased away to next to nothing at about twenty to twelve so we pushed off, Diana opened the bridge and we let a boat come by before following them through. As quiet as the road is Diana still stopped 3 cars.
The bridges are quite slow, you press the open button and first the lights flash and sounders go, then after a delay the barriers fall stopping all road traffic. The bridge then jacks up about 50mm before it rotates to the open position. Closing is slightly faster but once the bridge closes it still has to jack down which seems to take forever before the barriers raise and let the traffic flow again.

We hadn't been going long before it started raining properly, real brolly weather. We only met one boat and its seems we have swapped places, they are at The Slipway and we are in Halsall.

We passed an interesting wartime block house that looks to be two story, we only get stumpy ones round our way.DSCF0881

At Scarisbrick they are doing a lot of work on the bridge, the swallow didn't look at all impressed as it flew in and out, maybe it was last years nest site? It loos as if the company doing the work has taken over the yard of the Mersey Motor Boat Club.DSCF0883

After a couple of hours of slow boating we arrived at Halsall which has some reasonable unofficial mooring spots just before bridge 25. The reason for the slow progress is that tomorrow night we want to moor by bridge 10 ready to run into Liverpool Sunday morning and 2 hours is about the minimum I can get away with recharging the batteries, 3 is better.

Today’s Journey map 134½ miles in 2 hours

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