Wednesday, 4 April 2018

Park farm Wednesday 4 April 2018

A bit of an earlier start this morning around 9.30 for our half hour trip to the marina and then off home.

Not much to say about the trip really, the rain held off which was good. We passed a couple of notices posted on the towpath which referred to dog fouling and DNA testing.
Once back at the marina things were packed away and we made out way to Braunston, to visit The Boat Shop at the bottom lock as they are the only people we know of that stocks boat art transfers to replace the ones weathered off our back doors. While we were in Braunston we had lunch in The Mill House where they were doing curry and a drink for 2 for £15 and it included poppadom and naan brad.

Today's Journeymap 14 1½ miles in ¾ hour

The map of the full journey is below.full trip

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