Thursday, 13 August 2009

The BCNS Explorer Cruise 2009


This morning we had to set off at 9 am because following yesterdays early finish we had an hours cruise to get us down to Typhoo Basin where the other half were moored and what's more it was raining steadily.

When we reached the basin we decided to cruise in at have a look round. The Birmingham Proof House stands right on one bank of the basin and the whole area is completely surrounded by old warehouses, Once we were back out of the basin we made a 90 deg. right turn on to the end of the Grand Union Canal.
The plan was to turn sharp left down Garrison but for some reason we started to go straight ahead up Camp Hill locks, I realised our mistake as I entered the lock and reversed out again and back about two boat lengths to the junction.
Going down towards Garrison Locks there are some fairly new developments on the right with a paved area facing on to the canal with bench seats etc. The area is so run down, the paved area is covered with weeds and completely uncared for, a lot of the windows in the flats had cardboard and blankets for curtains, its such a shame to see a new area go down hill so fast.
At Garrison Top lock we found another BW man to help us on our way, and a bit further down Aiden was there doing a few lock before going to work. Once through the 5 locks it was on to the junction by Star City, here BW have installed some floating pontoon moorings on the none towing path side by the Casino but I am not sure if you moor her if you can leave the area or if it is completely fenced in. Just beyond this is the Stop Lock complete with lock cottage, the lock has not had any gates on it for some years and the cottage looks as if it is being renovated yet again. Following this we found our selves back on the Birmingham and Fazeley canal at the same junction we turned off yesterday morning but coming out of the other arm. Again we turned left up the Birmingham and Fazeley canal to climb the Perry Bar flight of 11 locks to moor for the night just through the top lock at about 5 pm.


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