Friday, 7 August 2009

Napton to BCN Explorer Cruise


Last night we at at the Bistro at Hillmorton Locks, when you go in there are notices telling you its not a restaurant but a cafe, the tables look like cafe tables, they are laid like cafe tables, when our food came the portion size was like a good cafe but the food quality was  as good as we have had anywhere and at the end of the meal, 2 starters, 2 main courses (we couldn't manage sweet) 2 coffees carafe of red wine and a beer and I got change out of £40. Will we go again, you bet.
It must have rained for 12 hours yesterday but this morning was overcast but dry, we pushed off at 9 am in case it turned wet again but as the day wore on it got warmer. There were only 2 boats on the 14 day moorings at Newbold and none on the 24 hour moorings and this was just after 10 in the morning, we also noticed that there was room for 4 boats at the beginning of the long term moorings. Passing through Newbold tunnel we noticed that the lights are not working. The question is, should we tell BW so they can fix it and spend money on electricity or just forget about it?
We had a very pleasant 5 hours making our way to Hawkesbury junction meeting several boats on the way but were surprised that the moorings were quite full, we passed through the junction and have moored about 200 yards down the Coventry canal towards Nuneaton.

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