Monday, 10 August 2009

Napton to BCN Explorer Cruise

We set off at 9 30 am towards Curdworth, I was lucky that we moored where we did as the road gets very close to the canal once passed the Fazeley Marina entrance for some time. As we approached the Curdworth flight we started to catch up with the hire boat ahead of us, which was surprising considering how fast he came past us this morning and as we slowed behind him boats were starting to appear behind up. When we arrived at Curdworth bottom lock the hire boat pulled in and just tied up, we had pulled and Diana had gone up, turned the lock and opened the bottom gate for them before they considered doing anything else. Diana helped them through the lock, it was obvious they didn't have much idea what to do and we can only assume they had met boats at locks all day yesterday who worked them through. As we entered the lock I spotted Graham bringing Jannock coming through the bridge about 5 boats behind us. Going up the flight we helped the boat ahead as much as possible and hopefully were able to offer advice that would make their trip both easier and enjoyable. After the next few locks still helping them through I didn't have the heart to tell them they were supposed to close the gates when they left the lock. We met a few boats in the flight that eased our passage but the two boats behind us managed to keep up with us with ease. It wasn't until the last couple of locks the hire boat managed to draw ahead and give us a cleaner run, even if we did have to turn the locks.
About a mile above Curdworth top lock we came upon some of the other boats moored up outside the now closed  Kingsley Arms. At first I tried mooring on the behind them but there was insufficient depth to get anywhere near the bank so we moved forward and moored right outside the pub against the piled bank, about half an hour later Jannock came along and moored on the outside of us. This was convenient as Brenda had offered to feed both us and the crew of Gecko with one of her home made curries. In the end they also invited the crew of Blue Moon along for the evening.
At 7 pm. we all gathered in the pub carpark to be briefed on the activities for the week ahead and also to organise starting times for the morning so we don't all arrive at the locks together. There will be 26 of us leaving between 6 and 10 am so that should spread things out quite well.


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