Thursday, 13 August 2009

The BCNS Explorer Cruise 2009


Today was only a short cruise up to Longwood Boat club so we didn't set off until 10 30 am. Graham fancied going over the M5 aqueduct  so we set off together, at Rushall junction we turned round and reversed the half mile back to the aqueduct, stopped for tea and cakes on the aqueduct, did a visit to the weed hatch to remove the polly bags and then headed back to Rushall and turned left up the Rushall Arm. 
At the bottom of the Rushall flight we caught up with the last boat from our party who was about to go up the flight, part way up we came upon John again who helped us through a couple of locks. As we were the last boat in the party coming up it was our job to put all the anti vandal locks back on the paddle gear. We reached the top of the locks at 3 30 pm and was offered a choice of mooring outside one of the club boats just above the lock or continuing on under the road to find a towing path mooring, we decided that we would breast outside the other boat as we would be more in the centre of things here and well away from the road.
Tonight its a fish and Chip supper in the Longwood Boat Club club house.

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