Thursday, 6 August 2009

Napton to BCN Explorer Cruise

Wednesday 5 Aug 09

We arrived at the boat just before 5 30 pm and not a moving boat in sight, how different from when we left last week with a queue of 15 for the locks. Harnser was hard aground with a good tide mark showing round her hull. The biggest problem was getting the mooring lines off because we couldn't pull her in to get any slack. Once I had these off loads of reverse soon had us on the move. It turned out that I hire boat coming up had tried to fill Napton Top Lock with the bottom paddles full up, talking to other boaters we met it seams they tried the same thing on the second lock as well and went off leaving all top paddles fully up. So if you have problems at Claydon today you will know why.
We had a good run down the flight and considered stopping at the Bridge to eat, As we passed the pub there was frantic waving from the restaurant,  I couldn't see who it was with the reflections but then we Passed Quiddich moored there so I am guessing it was Will. Unfortunately there were no vacant moor and as it had already turned 8 we thought that by the time we had secured the boat on pins to the very soggy towing path it would be to late anyway, so we continued on to the Top of Calcutt locks were we moored for the night at 8 30 pm. All of Napton Narrowboats are out at the moment as are all the Calcutt hire boats.
As the sun went down the sky cleared and being a full moon turned into a pleasant evening.

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