Thursday, 6 August 2009

Napton to BCN Explorer cruise


We woke to a fine sunny morning, one or two boats went past early but there was little about until about 10 am. We set off just after 10, entered the top lock and a couple of boats came along behind us. The first came in the lock with us and before we had shut the gates another boat had joined the one above waiting. We only went down one lock and pulled into Calcutt marina to fill with diesel at 62/108 p lt. It was the first time I have ever been able to come along side there, in the past its always being a case of backing in to the diesel point, but with all the hire boats out there was stacks of room. We took on 90 lts , I went in and paid for it and we pulled away from the dock just as the 2 boats who were coming down the lock behind us were leaving, so we sailed straight in to go back up again. We retraced our steps to Wigrams Turn where we turned left and headed for Napton. At Shuckbrugh two contractors were mowing and strimming the towing path, unfortunately one of them cut into a wasps nest which resulted in him collecting several stings. Things were quite quiet in the area of Napton Turn at Braunston with several vacant mooring spots. Here we turned left again and headed along the North Oxford canal, we had not gone far when it started to rain and it continued like this for the rest of the day. As we dropped through Hillmorton locks Diana called in at the Bistro and booked us a table for this evening, we have heard good reports about this place but have never been passing at a suitable time to visit. Once through the third lock we started to look for somewhere to moor for the nigh, but we had to continue well down before we found a space in the 14 day moorings and now we are sitting on a bend with the bows in and the stern out getting quite a bang every time a boat passes, when the rain eases I will go and play with the fenders.

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NB Skyy said...

Hi Brian & Di

Firstly my apologises, I saw NB Harnser slide passed and thought I know that name and couldn't place were we had seen you last, but of course it's through the bloggs.

We were just going to Braunston and back for an overnight stay to give a Belgium cousin a taste of life afloat, she now knows that it's wet. Back at Wigram now and wish you better weather.

Mac & Jacquie