Saturday, 15 August 2009

The BCNS Explorer Cruise 2009


Last night we had a fish and chip supper at the Longwood Boat Club, but unlike last year we were able to move all the tables and chairs on to the the towing path just above the lock at the front of the club house. The evening was warm and dry and it was quite pleasant being outside. Kevin, one of the other boaters entertained us with songs and stories until late into the evening.
Friday was an easy day so we didn't set off until 10 30 to a warm sunny morning. The first three miles was very slow where we averaged about 2 mph. but after this the canal widened and things improved greatly. At Catshill Junction the other end of Daw End Canal we turned left and headed along the Wyrley and Essington for about a quarter of Tesco's at Brownhills to replenish supplies and fill the water tanks. We winded by the canoe centre and headed back to Catshill Junction and carried straight on along the Anglesey Branch for about 3 miles to the terminus basin. Once in the basin we passed several of the other boats moored along the entrance . At the very end of the basin there were about 7 boats packed into the feed and Jannock moored to the bank, we came in alongside Jannock and soon there were another 4 boats on the outside of us.
The weather had determinate quite a bit by 6 pm. and the wind had freshened but it was still dry as we set up our BBQ's on the bank and it was still dry when we packed up and went to bed.

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