Sunday, 12 February 2017

Davenham Flash Sunday 12 February 2017

I woke early this morning, I was convinced someone knocked on the boat, had a look out of the side hatches but couldn't see anyone.

Very little to report today other than it feels a lot colder than it is. We set off around 10-30 am and stopped at the Anderton services to both top up with water and get rid of a weeks worth of rubbish, we didn't see any rubbish disposal facilities at all on the Bridgewater canal. I suppose the boaters on there take their rubbish back to their moorings with them if they move.
There were quite a few boats about today and we recognised several that moor in the same marina as us. Our plan for today was to cruise long enough to charge the batteries and two and a half hours is almost long enough, 4 hours would be better but that would have put us where we don't want to be, so we moored up at lunch time on the side of one of the Flashes a little after 1pm. and called it a day. Since we have been here it has been drizzling on and off and not nice at all outside.

Today's Journey map 105.7 miles in two and a half hours.

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