Monday, 13 February 2017

The Marina Monday 13 February 2017

What a change in the weather, we got up to bright sunshine for a change. This bit of the canal seems to be on the flight path to one of the holiday airport, I suspect it Manchester but we didn't hear any flights after 11 at night.

We set off at 11 this morning, short way south to the widest part of the flash before winding, today the wind was not really our friend as it was coming across the flash at us where as I had hoped it had been more of an angle to push the bows round. The water appears to be deeper away from the tow path, I am always a bit careful as I don't know how deep the flash is out in the middle, but its defiantly getting very shallow near the tow path.

Once round the Buzzards were playing over our head as we made our way north to the marina a trip of just under a mile.DSCF6979Just look at the coulor of that sky.

I forgot to post it yesterday but I saw this sweet wood job on someone's boat.DSCF6974

Today's Journey map 110.9 mile in 25 minutes.

Don’t worry its not the end, we are off again tomorrow.

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