Saturday, 4 February 2017

Lymm Saturday 4 February 2017

Well after last nights rain again we woke to a cracking day setting off a little after 10 am. I have changed yesterdays photo of our mooring for one I took this morning in the sun.

The first place we passed of interest was Dutton Dry Dock, I understand it is back in use, but I don't know who operates it.DSCF6756

Then its on to the lock which was against us, this is the only lock I know of on the system with no "Cill" markings.DSCF6758

Preston Brook tunnel is a bit longer that Saltersford tunnel so they only have a window of ten minutes to enter it to ensure you don't meet anybody. We arrived at about ten to eleven so had a ten minute wait before we could enter. although its a bit wiggly you can still see right through it.DSCF6762

Spring must have arrived as we have seen loads of Snowdrops in flower as well as some Crocuses.DSCF6761Once out of the North end of Preston Brook Tunnel you are on the Bridgewater Canal owned by Peel Holdings. It tends to be both wider and deeper than CRT canals so its quite easy to travel at 4mph.

At the junction of the Runcorn arm we carried on straight ahead trying to work out where exactly the IWA national Festival was held in 2005, we know where we moored but that was literally miles away by George Gleave's Bridge, I know we crossed one railway but not sure if we crossed a second as well.

With the Bridgewater Canal being deeper and wider they require bigger stop planks to put across the canal to close it off if they need to isolate a section. CRT just manhandle theirs into position but here they are so big they have special cranes set against the canal to do it.DSCF6769

We have had a wander round town and found it quite interesting, where as most towns every other shop is a Charity shop, well here every other one is an eating/drinking establishment, so tonight we are off to eat probably to the Mediterranean restaurant.

Today's Journey map 02

2 canals, 1 lock, 12.6 miles in 4 hours 10 minutes.

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