Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Lymm Wednesday 8 February

As we were on the edge of town we decided to eat out last night at The Wharf, It wasn't cheap but very nice, the menu is HERE I turns out they are in the same chain as The Row Bar on the K&A.

This morning we went for a wander around town, passing this little oasis in the middle of a high rise world,IMG_0262 how long before they build on the small car park beside it, or straddle its roof.

On our way back we came along side part of the Rochdale 9 flight of looks, walked onto it by accident its very well hidden away. I don't think this is part of CRTs repairs on the flight, but a lot of work taking place by the Metro Station.IMG_0263

A little before 12 we set off, by now it was grey and cold, just went to the end and winded by the Grocers Warehouse. DSCF6889What you see today is a reconstruction and clicking the photograph should take you to the original before it was completely demolished. Goods were unloaded under here and the produce winched to road level by a water driven crane, the water wheel is still visible in the left hand side of the building.DSCF6885

Although we were in the spot of one of the long term moorers last night, there were still plenty of spaces for visiting boats on the opposite side against the car park.DSCF6890

We made our way out of the basin back to the main line, I tried to take a photograph from this eyebrow bridge last night of theDSCF6898 Rochdale 9 locks, but the bridge bounces up and down as just a single person walks over it, so I took one this morning. DSCF6895What surprised us and only boaty friends will understand this, was that there are boats moored above this lock and they haven't even bothered to close the top gates behind them, the pound is dry further up the flight due to the work, so they are slowly losing their water, eventually the pound they are in will start to drain.

We passed Hulme Locks again, the bottom lock is at right angles to the top one and is under the viaduct arch by the front of black car.DSCF6902

We stopped at Pomona Lock and went for a little look round, not much to see except the graffiti and Pomona Basin.DSCF6904DSCF6903

By now we were getting very slight drizzle on just to make things slightly more unpleasant, but luckily there was no wind to speak of . We passed Stretford Waters Meeting which leads up to Barton Swing Aqueduct where we came from yesterday.DSCF6907

We only met one set of rowers today and we had to wait for them to come through the bridge hole, again a ladies 8 from Manchester University. The rowers are quite nice round these parts, getting out of the way if they can and thanking you for waiting if they can't. There are some interesting flats in Altrincham beside the canal that DSCF6911seem to creep out over the water, they look expensive and the views are not that great. I just managed to get a Photo of Dunham DSCF6912Massey Hall as we shot past at 4 mph. Its quite surprising how long it takes to pick up a camera, switch on and take a photo if you only have a small window to take it through.DSCF6913

Our destination for the night was again Lymm, but this time we are the only boat here so have a full choice of the moorings, this time we are on the south bank

Today's Journeymap 06

14 miles in 4 hours and 10 minutes.


Andy NB Priscilla said...

Hi Brian,

I tried to send this to the Yahoo group but it doesn't seem to have worked. I must be doing something wrong.

The pub in Manchester is The Peveril of the Peak. There was a big battle to save it when the area was redeveloped in the eighties. The original plan was to take the road that swings around it, straight through it. It is Grade II listed because of the tiled exterior. I don’t think it or the carpark are going anywhere!

It’s been used in a few TV programmes over the years, Cracker springs to mind but there were others. It’s one of few pubs in Manchester with a table football machine. For reference, it doesn’t do food.

The apartments overhanging the canal at Altrincham were designed by Sir Terence Conran and are known as the Budenberg project because they were built on the site of the Budenberg gauge company. Budenberg have relocated to the other side of the ship canal but are still in business. Less than half a mile from there is the original site of manufacture of Russell Newbery. There’s a plaque on the wall but nothing else to see.


NB Steelaway
NB Priscilla

Brian and Diana on NB Harnser said...

Andy, thanks for all that good info. I have zeroed and spanned several of those gauges in my time.
I often think if I had have done the canals when I was at school how much more interesting later life would have been.